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What Is SEO And Why Is It So Important Today?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the hottest digital marketing tools today. You may even have wondered what exactly SEO is and how it can help your online business or blog succeed. As we all know, a majority of people’s buying decisions are made online, so it is very important to drive visitors to your website if you want to increase sales. One of the widely used techniques to achieve this is to employ search engine optimization techniques to your website.

What Exactly Is SEO?

The practice of placing keywords (those words that people are actively searching on google) tactfully in your website’s headings, body, meta data and subheadings is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not only do you need to use keywords in your website content, but you also need to include content that is valuable for your customers and visitors. When you provide high quality content, it proves that you are an expert on the topic, and hence Google crawlers and customers are attracted towards your website over and over again, increasing its popularity and chances of getting clicked.

Why is SEO So important?

There are many reasons why you should consider optimizing your website for search engines. The major reasons are:

  1. Improve Your Websites Visibility and Ranking

    When you work on your website’s SEO, it improves its visibility because it will appear more often when people search for something that your website is offering. As visibility increases, so does your website’s ranking. The cycle continues as your website’s ranking increases on the search engine result page (SERP), and your website becomes even more visible to prospective visitors. Therefore, the more effort you expend on improving your website’s SEO, the better chances of it appearing on the first page of Google search, especially considering the fact that most people don’t go past the first SERP.

  2. Increase Web Traffic

    Once your SEO efforts start showing through your website’s improved ranking, the main goal of SEO starts becoming visible, which is increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website. Did you know that nearly 33% of the perspective visitors click on websites that are on the first SERP and over 75% of the clicks are aimed at the first 5 search results? Hence, if you want your website to be number 1 on the SERP (ideally), you need to continuously practice good SEO techniques.

  3. Build Authority

    Incorporating good SEO practices ensures that your website is providing valuable information to users, which is becoming increasingly important to search engines. Content that is worthy to be ranked proves your website’s authority as it is high quality, relevant to people’s needs, and is trustworthy. Therefore, your website’s ranking is directly associated with its authority, which will drive more traffic towards your website as a result increasing sales.

  4. Improve Visitor Experience

    When you expend your energy into the optimization of your website through SEO, it creates a smooth and knowledgeable experience for your customers. This helps keep visitors coming back to your website for more content which means more clicks on your website, hence the ranking and visibility of your page increases, as well.

How Can YOU Benefit From SEO?

Whatever your online goals, SEO is definitely one of the most essential components of your success in achieving them. If you are looking to drive more visitors to your sites, improve their experience when they engage with your website, convert those visitors into customers, and finally increase your sales, ultimately grabbing loyal customers and acquiring long term relationships with those customers, you need to incorporate SEO into your websites.

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