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Get your website up and running today. Search a domain of your choice


~ Keep your Domain Private & Secure

Having domain security is very essential to prevent online thefts and keep your data safe and protected.

If not, your personal information can be accessed by anyone leading to misuse of your private information.

Here's how you can protect your domain and keep it safe and secure

Create a hard to guess password and enable 2 step authentication wherever possible.
Choose a good domain

~ How to choose a good domain

Domain is the forefront of your website address and your business. Having a domain that is easy to remember and caters to your business distinct services is the prime step towards promoting your business and your brand.

Choose a domain that is easy to type as well as short and exclusive. The domain should focus on your business service. Probably choosing your niche-based keywords would provide to be more beneficial as it would boost your SEO practice too.

Benefits of GoodDOMAIN .

Connect with your Audience

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Establish business relevance and credibility

Be easily found online

A good domain which is a niche based and targets specific audience leads to exposure of audiences which are tailored for your business service. The audience are precisely clear of what to expect from your service instead of taking the trouble to find the same. This sets realistic expectations among your niche based audiences of your business service thus saving you and your customers time enabling both of you to connect quickly and engage.

Selecting your distinct keyword as your domain name helps your website get indexed by Search Engine's efficiently. This leads to increase in user traffic increasing user-engagement. Having your website among the top increases the chance of acquiring qualified leads and turning them into customers which in turn leads to surge in business revenue.

A potential customers first interaction is with your domain name. This makes it mandatory to have a domain which specifically distinguishes you from your competitor and establishes your business service as a credible source to do business with. A good domain is etched in customers mind and assists in providing you with word of mouth services further putting your brand as a relevance among your peers. Thus having a good domain for your business builds your brand identity and helps you in marketing and advertising.

A good and an easy to remember domain makes your customer automatically search for you. This not only increases website traffic but also gets your brand exposed to a wide audience who can benefit you in many ways. Having a domain name with 'car sales' is more easy to be found then 'auto company' for someone looking to sell their car. This business opportunity is an added benefit of having a good and easy to remember domain.


To Use


Free Forwarding
Free Forwarding
We provide full access to setup new email account and forward any emails to existing email address. Devise proficient email addresses that forward to your current email inbox you like, right away. Make remarkable custom locations for different beneficiaries, or keep it straightforward and forward everything to a solitary inbox.
Free DNS Management
Free DNS Management
Get your domain live on the web with our instant service. With our agile, quick and user-friendly control panel, all your process of connecting your domain to website, email, etc take's few seconds. We provide a hassle-free procedure to get your domain function fast.
Domain Forwarding
Domain Forwarding
You can redirect your domain name to another website to free. Suppose you have a domain name .org as well as .com, anyone who types either of .org or .com will be redirected to your preferable domain address. If you have set your preferable domain as .com, then irrespective of typing your domain name as .org or .com, the user will be sent to .com domain address.
Domain registratino

Domain Registration & Buying Domains FAQs .

At Kepler Soft, our goal is to make your Domain Registration fast, easy and affordable. We try to keep it at straightforward as possible, but we know you may have some questions. Below you will find our FAQ's and answers. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call or email

Your Question, Our Answer ...

What is the domain

Technically speaking, a Domain is a long string of numbers that create a unique code for your Website's URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It's like internets Satnav. In other words, this is how computers navigate people directly to your site location. Since remembering a whole bunch of numbers for every website is just a little bit on the difficult side, we replace the numbers with words on the viewing end. This is where your Domain names comes in.

A Domain must be registered for your site to be up and running. Every Domain is different. They must be! Otherwise you'd be playing roulette with which company you'll be directed to when searching online.

Purchasing a Domain not only makes your business more professional; it also protects you from Copyright and Trademark issues if another company decides to build a website with the same idea or Domain name. You may currently be a social media-based company, but with your website up and running, you can guarantee your search engine positioning for all internet explores. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your desired Domain to what would now be your competitor in search engine results.

If I register a Domain, do I need web hosting to have a website

Short answer? Yes.

Web Hosting is how all the information, data, logistics, pictures, animations and so on come together in one place to create the website of your dreams. Without Web Hosting, searching your domain will bring nothing but a blank page.

With Kepler Soft Web Hosting, all your files will be stored together to bring your website to life. For your website to be live 24/7, you need a reliable web host server to keep all the data flowing round the clock, 365 days a year.

Our team takes care of all the behind the scene work, so you never have to worry about your site crashing. Our team works hard to ensure that any server issues are fixed promptly. We offer affordable Web Hosting so setting up your website is hassle-free.

How Do I manage the Domains I buy from Keplersoft?

Manage your Domain easily by logging in to your account directly on our website. You will find a settings page with multiple options.

What are the benefits of choosing Keplersoft from my domain registration?

We offer competitive prices for our services. At Kepler Soft, we take care of every part of your website, from coding to Domains so you can trust we understand the importance of every little detail. That's why we have choices for top level domains, such as:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .co
  • .online
  • .live

After doing the fun part, the last thing you want to do is have to find someone to make that dream come to life. Once your name is picked, hand it over to our Web Hosting team. We do it all for you in one place. Set up your website in one place with Kepler Soft, the Digital Marketing Experts.

Can I transfer a domain I aready own to Keplersoft?

Of Course! The process of transferring your Domain is simple. Get better service, better prices and better results by changing to the Kepler Team.

How do I search if my domain name is available to be registered?

Searching for your Domain availability is as easy as one step. We have a system that automatically checks if your name has already been registered. One click in the Domain search bar and voila!

Where can I buy hosting for my website?

Kepler is your one stop shop. We can take care of all your web needs, including Hosting. We are certified to manage all your files to ensure smooth browsing for you and your viewers.

We are here 24/7 For you!
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